Monday, September 13, 2010

My first post and email to Old Navy

Well, here I am in all my mommy glory, typing this first blog post while in my jammies with my unbrushed hair and sitting in my upscale fancy office (the couch) with my preschooler nursing on me and laying accross one side of my body.  My teens are both working on thier blogs and enjoying the freedom of unschooling.
Today their activities at home began with all 3 of them participating in a game of Band Hero on the ps2.

(followed by creating their blogs, and now pursuing their own time to explore the world of the internet for whatever floats their boats...LOL :)

 MY DAY started out by discovering a picture that a friend posted on facebook of a bodysuit on sale at Old Navy for $5 that says, "FORMULA POWERED". This made me irate quite frankly, so I emailed customer service about it. Here is my email to them:
Mon. 9/13, 11:33 AM
Subject: "FORMULA POWERED" Boys 2-in-1 Tatoo-Graffic Bodysuit in 'Holly Wreath' $5

Hello, I am sending in my objection about this product. It gives the implication that formula feeding is the norm. As a nursing Mother, I take high offense to this bodysuit. It portrays that a baby becomes healthy and strong through that of formula, which is simply untrue in general. Yes, there are cases in which breastmilk was not available to those of preemies, or orphans and these infants have thrived due to the consumption of formula, but still deprived of the exact nutrients that only mother's milk could make and formula will never be able to replicate. BUT, to those that are uneducated about breastfeeding, this could contribute to the mislead assumption that formula is an acceptable source of good nutrition when it is NOT. I am very displeased with your company's marketing this product and I fully intend to make others aware of its existence and the harm it is no doubt causing to new and expectant mother's who either are hoping to successfully breastfeeding or are so dead set on formula feeding due to lack of proper resources. Sincerely, Children's Rights Advocate, Natural Parenting Advocate, Intactivist, and Lactivist Mom of 3, Barbara C Smalley

 While I had hoped it would get a response, I am not too hopeful about it having any impact on them at all. They are a muti-million dollar company, not likely to care whether a few hundred breastfeeding moms contact them with their distaste for this product...which brings me to the end of that subject for now.

I hope you enjoyed my first blog post, and I will write more in a bit. :) -Me

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