Saturday, September 25, 2010

Good people do STILL exist!

So today ladies and gents, I was able to meet a fairly new facebook friend in person.! She is an awesome Mamma and her baby is so sweet. She told me weeks ago that she had got Peanut a birthday gift and was going to get together with me whether there was a party or not. (I had made a facebook event about 4 months ago for her 4th birthday party but for lack of guests, I canceled it a few days ago.  
We went to the Chandler Mall. First we found the food court because we were hungry. Peanut had said she didn't want to eat, but I knew she would change her mind. So, when I ordered my chicken quesadilla I made sure they left 1/4 with just the cheese.  Anywho, Peanut was a good girl and spoke up when she had to potty, and used the "noisy potty" (as she calls them) without being terrified like she used to. By then she was already looking tired and wanted me to carry her.  ,My friend had offered as we were going into the mall for me to use her Babyhawk, but I declined at that time. 
At the play area we sat and talked while baby J nursed and observed, and Peanut played. I love the fact that she nurses J (who is 4months old) out in the open and does not hide in a bathroom stall. That was great to see.  (you know what I mean.)
Afterwards, I accepted the invitation to use the Babyhawk because Peanut was looking more tired. We went into Barnes and Noble bookstore inside the mall, and as soon as we got there,  Peanut told me she wanted "down". LOL. 
I wanted to get her a "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" book, and a Spencer wooden train for her birthday gift because we had talked about those 2 things beforehand and that is what she wanted. (She has a DVD made by Scholastic and it has the CCBB song with animation on it just like the book, and it is her favorite song, also she collects Thomas toys) 
We looked around for awhile, and even read the book I mentioned while we we there. Peanut had other ideas! She put back the Spencer, and picked out a sparkly clown fish plushy/stuffy. It was what she wanted, and we all know that with "AP" styles-child led is the way to go, so I saw no harm in letting her choose her own gift.  I was still willing to get the book, but she stated she only wanted 1 gift so I put the book back! (OKAY...?) When it was time to pay, I even got a discount, thanks to my friend! Peanut was extremely tired by then, and I had forgotten my wrap/mei tei, and didn't bring her stroller. J's carseat goes to 35 pounds, and my friend has the "snap n go" stroller base, so his Mommy let me use it since he was asleep in his Babyhawk on his mamma.
We got the kiddles in the car and poor J cried a bit until she took him out when we got to my place, just for a few minutes. I am glad she didn't come inside though because when I opened the door, it stunk! The baby kitties had pooped in their box. Ewwwww!
Anyway, that was my day, and I learned that good people do still exist! Next time I will right Peanut's birth story...I hope. -Me


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