Thursday, September 23, 2010

C's 4th birthday 9-22-10

Our day started at around 5am. I think I must have woke her up with my coughing. She was eager to get her birth day going. LOL! She asked to wear her Thomas dress at about 5:30 am, so I proceeded to put it on. It took me a while, what with this cold zapping my energy. I even did her hair in little twistie buns and placed her Thomas bow on the side of her head! We went downstairs at about 6 am. Peanut wanted to watch the Madagascar christmas movie so I put it in. Then she asked for applesauce for breakfast.
After breakfast and her short dvd we headed outside because she wanted to play with the dog. She was very careful in her play so as not to dirty her outfit. By about 7:30am I was snapping a few pictures. For a total of 5 minutes she let me, and then she wanted the dress off so she could play with her trains in the mud. I didn't think it would harm anything so I let her. I was able to capture a few images of her palying, whilst wearing only her hair bow and some panties, LOL.
Later, Ronnie took us out for lunch to Pacific Buffet. We know 2 of the waitresses fairly well after dining there many times, so it was good to see them. They were so surprised that she was 4 already, as the first time we ate there she was about 18 months. They showed up half way through the meal with a piece of strawberry shortcake with a candle in it and sang her Happy Birthday. She was kinda shocked! I caught a picture of that too! On the way home she wanted to stop and play by the motor sports place. (Alot of small hills and grass) and I was able to snap some more pics of her playing and pushing her stroller, LOL.
After we returned we kinda just hung out. Adam and H baked the cake for me while we were at lunch and it was cool when we got back, but I wanted to wait til Da Da got home for the girls and I to decorate it.
Adam prepared dinner for us. Baked chicken legs, and herb noodles. YUM! We sang Peanut Happy Birthday and had our cake and ice cream. We didn't have any gifts for her to open for financial reasons between pay checks, but she knows she will be getting her gift this weekend. Probably will be something Thomas related...Anyway, I am going to close this blog post for now, because this cold is really kicking my butt. I hope to feel better by this weekend. :) -Me

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