Thursday, September 30, 2010

Facebook and their stupid censorship!

So, 2 major activists for breastfeeding I know on facebook have had their accounts deleted. Emma Kwasnica, and Kate Hansen. I am so upset over this. I have become so paranoid, that I went on my back up account and added all my friends that I had not yet added from my main account. Why is facebook doing this to Mother's who breastfeed, practice  elimination communication, and intactivism?
It does not seem fair. I myself have had 2 warnings and photos deleted. In Feb of this yr, my original account was deleted by facebook and I never got it back. I lost so much that can't ever be replaced! There is NOTHING indecent about EC or Breastfeeding photos. The outrage we are all feeling over this is HUGE. I cannot imagine how these two precious ladies must feel! They are well known, and many depend on them and love what they stand for. I hope their accounts are reinstated. :'(     -Me


  1. It's sad that some people have hang-ups about such things. Hopefully times will change.

  2. Thank you Serena :0) Nothing has changed, and the friend I was talking about is no longer in my life...