Sunday, June 26, 2011

To the right is a picture of my 4 year old's "bunny" drawn on her magna doodle awhile back. She just recently started showing interest and talent, which we had expected would happen, given the Hubbs has talent for it. I am very proud of her.
We have always encouraged our kids to explore their artistic talents. As I mentioned before, my still legal husband is a very talented artist and can draw like there's no tomorrow! He is into game programming, so he spends a lot of time exercising that, but sits down with our kids every so often and they draw for the heck of it. 
From early on, we knew that more than likely our Son would have the same talent's or similar to...What we weren't prepared for was having all three of our kids with the same talent! I have come to the conclusion that my home will always have paints, brushes, crayons, endless drawing paper scattered throughout, chalk, colored pencils, etc...AND that my walls and fridge will always be covered in my children's artwork-whether actually on paper or on the wall itself!!! This is no joke either, I literally can't even seethe front of my fridge doors!

    To the left is my 14 yr old Daughter's recent hand drawn picture her friend 'Ahiru' pulling an anime character named 'Tadase' from the anime 'Shugo Chara'.
    Another thing we were never prepared for was that our DD#1 would DEVELOP her talent. She is one of those true artists that begins with like zero talent at a young age, and still insists on practicing and reaching her goal of being able to draw. Now, I KID YOU NOT...she could not draw at all as a small child. In fact, (not to be mean) but she REALLY could not draw!
    After many years of continuing to work on her drawings, she got better and better at it and blew me and the Hubbs away! Very impressive to me (because I am the only one in the family that can't draw worth beans and I know it.) how she conquered her desire to draw and developed a natural ability over time for it unlike most people who were practically born with it and the talent just comes easy to them. I must admit, I did not think she would be able to ever draw as well as she does! WOW!!!...
    To the right is a picture my son drew recently of an anime type angel. He, like his father, never has had to work at his artistry in drawing, it came natural to him from a very young age. He also continues to impress me with his talent. He is a sweet, sensitive, shy boy at 16-but expresses himself very well when he "takes to the pencil" so to speak.
    Now that I have shown you a drawing from each one of my awesome kids, I will show you the wall in my bedroom:
    This was done in September of last year. EVERYONE in the family contributed to this piece of art! (Yes, even me...GULP!) We used washable Crayola paint, and boy did we have A BLAST!  I cannot even begin to tell you how fun this was. When V and H were little I allowed them to paint on the walls so long as it was a planned event and they didn't just randomly do it.  
    SO...needless to say, I am surrounded by a bunch of artists with a lot of talent and potential. I have drawings/paintings/artwork coming out of my ears!!! What do YOU do to help develop your child(ren)s talents? -Me